What is Mirror Mirror Music?

We built a platform that makes searching for media music quick, cost-effective and most of all inspiring.  

What media types do we make music for?

TV, YouTube, Radio, Film or even someone editing a home video of their new puppy! We believe everyone should have access to inspiring music for their media project!

What makes us different from other stock audio platforms?

Mirror Mirror Music takes a handcrafted approach to royalty-free music, by curating music on a monthly basis, based on our clients feedback. We focus on creating new music that we know you will love because you gave us the inspiration.


How do we structure our licenses?

Our music licenses come in two options, Standard and Premium which cover: Worldwide usage in a single project, forever! It’s very plain and simple! We promise not to ask you for more money based on audience size, foot size or the color of the shirt you wore two weeks ago…. like other licensing companies love to do. Please visit our License Terms page for more information.