Composer Guidelines

A guide for Composers contributing to Mirror Mirror Music

Please read the following guidelines before submitting music for approval.

Required Action

1. The Composer Agreement that was sent via email must be digitally signed and returned.

2. The W9 Tax Form that was sent via email must be digitally signed and returned.

3. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, please register with PayPal ( & provide your PayPal email address via  Dashboard//Settings

4. Upload your  Artist Headshot via  Dashboard//Settings.  Please see the example  Headshot  and watch this short Video Tutorial for further clarity. All video tutorials can be found in the main section of your Dashboard. 

5. Upload a  Short Biography via  Dashboard//Settings.  Please see the example  Biography  and watch this  Video Tutorial for further clarity.

Please Note: Submitted tracks will NOT be approved until the  Agreement and  Tax Form are signed and your  PayPal EmailHeadshot and  Short Biography are uploaded via  Dashboard//Settings




 – We pay our composers a monthly share of their approved music. This percentage can be found via your Composer Agreement.

 – Commissions are paid on the 1st of every month and there is no minimum threshold. Keep in mind that commissions will not be paid on refund and unverified transactions.

 – We utilize PayPal for our merchant services. In order to be paid for your music, please set up a PayPal  ( account and remember to update your new PayPal email via  Dashboard//Settings  before submitting any tracks.


Transfer of Rights

 – In return our Composers are require to transfer 100% of the publishing rights of approved music in order to clear our Royalty-Free model.

 – Your music must be 100% clear for use on all web platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and any other online, media streaming service.

 – In some cases your music may be publicly broadcast on network outlets such as TV and Radio. We allow our composers to retain their writer’s share of publicly broadcast content. Please reach out to your local Performance Rights Organization (PRO) for registration and details.

Please Note: Mirror Mirror Music only serves as an exclusive publisher for your music and is NOT involved in the Performance Rights Organization process.



Track Upload Instructions

Please see the following video tutorial for step by step instructions:  Uploading Music

File Preparation

Upload files for approval

– 44.1 kHz & 16-Bit stereo WAV files
– Must include full length version as a WAV file
– No watermarks
– Must be mastered at a competitive volume (example:  LandR Mastering Service)
– File must be labeled: Song Name (example: My Generation). Please do NOT add “wav” to the filename as this IS a wav file already and should carry the “.wav” file extension automagically (See what I did there? ha!)

Track Revision

We value our Composers and listen to all submissions with care and a critical ear. Our approval process is based on our clients needs. From time to time there may be songs uploaded that don’t meet our commercial quality guidelines. If this happens we may contact you to revise or edit one or all of the following mix elements: arrangement, samples, instrumentation, mix and master.

Revision requests will be marked by the following identifiers, in the products area of your dashboard.

*Revision Request* Song Title (example: *Revision Request* My Generation)
– Revision notes will be left in a text box, within the detail level of that specific song.

1 Revision Limit

– We don’t want you to spend countless hours going back to a song several times; that’s just not efficient for anyone. Please make sure to fix all items before submitting your track for a second round of approvals.

Submit your  newly edited song by adding another file, within the  original product upload section of your dashboard.

– Name Convention:  Song Name_Rev 1 (example: My Generation_Rev 1)



File Approval

– No more than 2 tracks per composer will be reviewed a week. This helps keep a healthy & fair balance.

– The review process will be expedited for newly accepted composers for their first 10 tracks uploaded. This rule only applies within the first week the Composer Agreement was signed.

– Your tracks will move from “Pending” to “Published” in the products section of your dashboard once they are approved. Please see the navigation tabs at the top of the products page.



Need help? Please contact us via your  dashboard//support and someone will be right with you.